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About implants
Differences of Implants from the others
Character of our Implants
High quality operating room and equipment for Implant surgery
Long term success of implants
High quality implant system
Infection control
 About Implants
“Dental Implant” is a the treatment to set artificial teeth after artificial root attach to jawbone.
It is possible for you to get great looks and recover from mastication function again.

The troubles like “I can’t chew well,” ”I can’t smile in public,” “unclear pronunciation,” and ”looks older” are going to be resolved.
Reference: “Implants” Quintessence Publishing
 Differences of Implants from the others
Dental bridges and removable partial dentures or full dentures have been used so far, but in that case, we should polish even healthy tooth next to missing tooth.
In addition, adjustment of full dentures is hard and fitting is not good.
If one tooth is lost, we will only replace it and will not polish the others.
If you had lost some teeth, we will plant some implants and connect them.

If you had lost the whole set of teeth, we will also plant some implants and connect them.
References: Poster of straumann®
Step1-1. Examination and diagnosis for full mouth and treatment plan
First of all, we will find out the reason through examination, why you lost teeth; taking X-ray and photographs, and diagnosis of cavities, periodontitis and occlusion.
We also make treatment plan to keep teeth, after that, we begin to treat decayed tooth and periodontitis or prevent them. While them, we will consider implant treatment plan.
Step1-2. Clear explanation
Treatment plan
Term of treatment
Advantages and disadvantages
We will explain about those clearly and enough.
Step1-3. Special examination for implant treatment
We make model of inside of your mouth and take X-ray for examination.
After that, we check condition of your whole body and our director make a treatment plan with straumann® guided surgery system.
If you have chronic disease, we contact your doctors enough.
We will decide correct place where we plant implants.
first photographs
Step2. Embedding
We operate to embed fixture, the base of artificial tooth, in clean operating room with straumann® guided surgery system.
We also use local anesthesia and sedation method with laughing gas so you do not feel pain during surgery.
Simultaneously, we monitor of your blood pressure, pulse, oxygen concentration in the vein and electrocardiogram.
Step3. Connection
We have to wait for 3 months usually because the fixture connects your bone. During that, we check the condition.
There is a method which setting post crown when we embed fixture.

Analysis with the digital camera Photo:
Step4. Setting post crown
We recover your occlusion as same degree as healthy tooth.
To make natural post crown, we analyze the color of tooth and gum with photographs.

Photo: implant treatment after
Step5. Maintenance
Maintenance is important to keep your implants for life.
In our office, dental hygienists provide professional care and tell you how to home care.
So, we want you to come to our office once a two or six months to keep your implants with home care and professional care.
 Flowchart of implant treatment
1. Examination and treatment plan
2. Clear explanation
3. Special examination for implant treatment
Embedding (operation)
Waiting for the fixture connects with your bone
Setting post crown
 Characters of our implant treatment

We will provide top-class treatment internationally.

IHardware and software which correspond every symptoms correctly are established..

Picture of operating room:
 1Operating room and equipment which fit with implant surgery
Operating room is cleaned by special filter; as shown from the arrow in the picture.
We set large sink in the room to wash operator’s hand and arm perfectly.
There is a shadow-less light with camera which kindles inside of mouth.
Operator and assistants look video from the cameras while operation and the video will be saved and be useful to treatments after operation.
This room is also X-ray room because leaden is embedded in wall, so we take a X-ray even in the middle of operation.
Entrance is double door
There is a large light box to diagnose CT.
Three dimensional X-ray images are used for making surgery plan, explanation and confirmation during operation.
We monitor patient’s pulse, blood pressure and oxygen concentration in the vein taken during operation.
It is so safe that operators can grasp patient’s condition clearly.
We will keep understanding how to get you calm with laughing gas, so you can receive operation or treatment at ease.
Even in emergency, we can correspond smoothly because there is oxygen supply ports.
It is special vacuum which pumps up blood, saliva and irrigation water.
The vacuum has higher suction power than normal dental vacuum, so it does not clogged up.
 2. Our goal, “keeping your implants for life.”
We practiced and successfully achieve the program, “Eat by your own teeth for life,” through treatment and prevention of decayed tooth or periodontal disease.
Similarly, we recommend you to use implants for your life.
First of all, we make treatment plan of your mouth after checking your oral condition.
The top priority is control of periodontal disease like pyorrhea alveolaris to get long term success.
It is obvious that bacteria of periodontal disease will invade implants if you do not treat periodontal disease.
We examine the reasons why you had lost your teeth, and then, we will treat the remaining teeth to prevent it from happening again.
In addition with implant treatment, it could let your teeth add longer time.
This is the implant treatment to keep your teeth for life.
After implant treatments, you should receive maintenance to keep your implants for long term, if it is possible, for life.
It is important to removal bacteria from your mouth so we want you to learn how to care at home.
In addition, doctors and dental hygienists provide professional care every two or six months.

If you receive implant surgery with poor treatment for periodontal disease or you do not receive maintenance, inflammation will be caused around implants relatively, about 10 years after. This is becoming clear and periodontal disease is one of the cause of losing implants.

Like our case, however, the inflammation will hardly occur again because of enough treatments and prevention for periodontal disease.
This is also clear.

Bacteria cause decayed tooth and periodontal disease and it became possible to use our own tooth for life by wiping out the bacteria.

We practice the maintenance program, so we can achieve our goal “keeping your implants for life.”
3. The highest rated implant system in the world.
A large number of manufacturer make so many kinds of implants now.
Most of implants made of titanium because titanium combines with bone, called osseointegration.

We use implants of straumann® .
They got the highest grade and have abundant data, so the system is useful and has great precision.
A lot of top doctors use this system, so we can get Information as the degree.
If you move to another place, you can receive the follow-up because it spreads throughout the world.

We think high degree implant treatment needs high rated implant system.
 4.Clean surgery with perfect infection control.
We plant fixtures into bone by Implant surgery.
At that time, it is very important to prevent patients from bacteria not to infect.
Under dirty condition, there is also possibility, rejection will occur.

Surgeries are operated in a sanitary condition surgically to prevent you from infectious disease and to get surgery success.
We will cover you with sterilized suit in clean room and operators wear sterilized surgical suit and globes with their hands cleaned.
Operators are in a sanitary condition surgically including patients.
Instruments are also cleaned by autoclaves.
(Disinfection accommodations
with six autoclave)
In 2009, it happened that a patient who received LASIK, suffer from infectious disease.
Why this matter happened? It is because the surgery was not under clean condition.
Unfortunately, however, there are similar cases in dental office, with normal white robe and imperfect sterilized instruments.
Operation in sanitary condition costs more but this is essential and we do this thoroughly.
5. Background of high success rate for implant treatments; more than 99% success rates.
We will handle any hard cases.
The first time our director operated implant treatment was in 1993 when he worked in faculty of dentistry of Nagasaki university.
He already has the experience of over 15 years, at present, operates 60 cases a year; it means about 100 implants.
what difficult cases correctly.

The doctor and dental hygienists has a lot of experiences and received training enough.
For example, our director has the degree of specialist of periodontal disease and degree of director.

In Europe and America, the specialists lead implant treatment because it is necessary to be familiar about periodontal treatment, to get long term success of implant treatment. The degrees are also background as surgeon.

Our director attend societies about implant, five national societies like Academy of Osseointegration and International Team for Implantology, and then, participates in three societies in Japan. He and staffs attend and present in their meetings pasotively.

And that, he always gather the latest information through six kinds of national journals written in English and he is a vice-president of ITI study club Kyusyu.
Moreover, our vice-director is a member of Japanese Society of Periodontology and Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, and two hygienists are certificated by Japanese Society of Periodontology and a hygienist is certificated by Japanese Society of Oral Implantology.
Six skilled hygienists support our treatments.

They study to increase their knowledge about implantology through study session in office, seminars, academic meetings and presentations.
Sometimes, our director and staffs are asked for lectures by colleges or study groups because of our high rated implant treatment.

We think that our high level treatments are supported by enough experiences, actual results and excellent staffs.
Our director’s presentation in American Academy of Periodontology
Notice; All case is treated in our dentistry.
We will correspond any hard cases. In cases which bone dissolved, for example, art of bone development is also used.
In another case which upper back teeth has no bone, we conduct upper-jaw drilling operation.
If you would like to treat your front tooth, we would operate esthetic implnats treatment to get back beautiful tooth whoever can not tell deference.
Commonly, implants with periodontitis will be high risk. But we control it while implant treatments, so that risk will be reduced.

We often heard “Is it true that implants for upper tooth are impossible? ” or ”I can not set implants to front tooth? ”
Indeed, upper part has thin bone because of macillary sinus and in front part, ethtetics covers treatment.
This is why these treatments are known to be difficult cases.

We treat such a case so let us show our cases.
Cases1. Case1. Implant treatment to severe periodontitis; losing some tooth
First time
Because of hard periodontitis, this patient has loose tooth and swollen gum.
After implant trearment
Treatment for periodontitis and implant are finished, there are no loose tooth and periodontitis is cured.
We set implants into parts which extracted tooth, so he could become biting.
In our clinic,you will not lose your tooth and implants because we control implant treatment with certain periodontal treatment.
X-ray images
Cases2. Case2. Implant treatment to severe periodontitis; losing all upper tooth
At the start of implant treatment
This patient lost all upper tooth because of severe periodontitis.
After implant treatment
He became to be able to bite without denture, and finished periodontal trearment.
We want this him to use implants for life.
X-ray images
Cases3. Implant treatment to severe periodontitis, decayed tooth and wrong occlussion
At the start of implant treatment; during periodontal treatment
Unfortunately, we have no choice but to extract except from two upper tooth because of hard periodontitis, decayed teeth and wrong occlussion.
After implant treatment
He will be able to eat everything without dentures and the look of his mouth will look good.
We treat periodontitis correctly so that he can keep his own tooth. It is recommended to use implant for life.
X-ray images
Cases4. Sinus lift surgery
Reference “nico” by Quintessence Publishing
Sinus lift surgery
If patients have no bone under his upper back tooth, we will operate art of bone development in sinus.
At the start of implant treatment
We’ve done art of bone development in sinus; part of hatched lines.
After implant treatment
The bone is devoloped enough, so we can set implnats tightly and can be seen clearly on a cut surface of CT.
We can operate implant treatment in any hard cases like lacking bone.
              (CT) CT images
X-ray images
Cases5. Esthetic implant treatment
Before surgery
This patient has a missing left upper teeth.
It looks like his own teeth by esthetic implant surgery; we set implant and transplanted connected tissue.
↑Input buoy implant
X-ray images
Like these cases, we would like you to receive high rated implant treatment for your oral health.
If you have any questions, please feel free to come by all means.
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