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@We have a means for geat by my teeth for lifeh
It is said that immortality is a humanfs dream. If so, is it also dream that geat by my teeth for lifeh?
Current Japanese people tend to lose their teeth when they are 50 years old or so and most of 70 years olds wear dentures.

If the old way goes on, that dream will not come true. On the other hand, in last 10 years research shows teeth are not lost and we can eat by our own
teeth when we get old. Everyone can get this benefit. gEat by my teeth for lifeh is not dream any more.
@Teeth are great treasure. Letfs grow and use these carefully.
Teeth start to form before we born and we get all baby teeth at 2 years old. After that, adult teeth start cut and we get all at 15 years old or so.
These adult teeth will be used for about 70 years. In addition, they are forced hard work everyday. Itfs exactly gunbeaten by rain and unbeaten by wind.h
Do you have anything you use for 70years? Even Japanese cars which have great quality in the world, we can drive it for a decade, thus we hope you to care about your teeth.
There are many caution and frequent troubles at each age, but now, we guide how to protect childfs teeth and how to prevent losing adultfs teeth.
@Childfs caries are able to prevent with fluoride
Speaking of prevention, it is tooth brushing? However, do you feel gI brush my teeth but I have cariesh ? We have assured prevention than tooth brushing, and t is using fluoride well. Japan has the greatest numbers of people who have caries in advanced nations.
Nations which success to prevent caries use fluoride perfectly.
In America, for example, people put fluoride in tap water and prevent caries. It is said actually, Japanese brush their teeth more frequently than Americans and do not eat great amount of sweets. The reason why Japanese have many caries is the way of using fluoride.
Now, a lot of nations use fluoride as powerful card to prevent caries and most of children have no caries.
Then, how can we protect our childfs teethH
The answer is using fluoride positively when we care our teeth at home and when we receive professional care at dental clinic.
Fluorine in tooth
decay zero
There are some way of self-care and we instruct family and children under 4 age how to apply fluoride in home. For 4 or 5 years old children, we guide how to wash their mouth with fluoride-containing water. Some other ways exist such as fluoride spray and gel. We take proper preventive program of self-care with fluoride according to growth, life style and ease of getting caries. In addition, we guide how to care and remove plaque by yourself@and we recommend you to get application of high level fluoride on teeth.

This picture shows child at 12 age (writerfs child) who continue those cares and he has no caries. It should make great result because the preventive care is proved in the world. We would like you to talk to us about self-care and professional care.
@For adultsf teeth ~treat caries and periodontal disease~
In case of adults, we also need to pay attention to periodontitis.
If you get periodontitis, your alveolar bone melt and in severe care, teeth could be lost.
During earlier stage, patients feel a little pain and bleeding from gum, so many patients find their periodontitis after it proceeded.
It is said that most of over 40 age people has already gotten periodontitis and this disease is the biggest source of losing teeth.
Factor of this problem is plaque and dental stone. Plaque cause dental stone between teeth and gum and alveolar bone will be melt.
It becomes clear that periodontitis occur and worse cerebral accident, heart disease, diabetes and lungs inflammation.
Fortunately, if you get proper treatment, this terrible disease will be cured and the risk of relapse is reduced. So, we show how we treat periodontitis.

Most important thing is self-plaque control at first. Do you think gI have no problems because I brush my teeth everydayh? Actually, this is a common pitfalls.
A lot of people who do not receive professional instruction has over 70% plaque attachment. We recommend patients to receive professional guidance from dentists and dental hygienists.

In our clinic, we guide most of our patients about 10times. That help us to find the best way of plaque control for each patient. This step is the most important and it takes a long time. Second step is professional care. Specialists remove patientsf plaque and dental stone which patients could not clean, it is called scaling root planing. We need advanced technique to remove dental stone perfectly.
Most of periodontal diseases are able to be cured by these self-care and professional care. In addition, they will not occur again when you receive maintenance.
In other word, if you do not these cares enough, you cannot get rid of the disease.
@gEat by my own teeth for lifeh, it is not a dream.
Self-care and professional care are performed perfectly, we can keep our own teeth for life and it is proved scientifically. Dr. Axelsonfs program was carried out in North Europe. Candidates of the program had over 20 vital teeth. As a result, 0.2 teeth was lost in 15 years and only a tooth was decayed. Periodontal disease was nearly cured. There were only 3% people who drop the program in 15 years, so it presented that how persistent the program was.
It had no age difference and that means we can eat by our own teeth at any age. This is also focused in Japan. In our clinic, we are practicing too.
The result of 15 years effect of proper self-care and professional care for 375 people
Loss of interest 2.5%
A number of lost teeth 0.2 teeth per person
New caries 0.9 tooth surfaces per person
Improvement of periodontal disease Most of them were cured
Difference in age Just a little
@Do not give up if you have heavy periodontitis
Recently, regenerative therapies called GTR therapy were developed. These therapies recover ligaments and bone lost by periodontitis with special artificial membrane and protein.
Thanks to them, we can treat bad teeth and heavy periodontitis which takes long time to heal. Please do not hesitate to consult us because advanced technique is needed.
Melted bone comes back
@Implants protect vital teeth
When patient lost their teeth unfortunately, we have no other choice except for bridges and dentures. In these way, however, vital teeth should be polished or attached spring. It always make troubles when over 5 or 10 years passed.
Many people say gI lost only 1 tooth at first, but I realized other teeth also became bad.h Implant is effective treatment to prevent these troubles.
Teeth grow their roots to alveolar bone. We will set titanium dental root into alveolar bone after teeth were lost. In addition, crown will be set on the root.
This therapy is called implant treatment
Protect adjacent teeth by implant treatment
Bad tooth was lost Adjacent teeth are polished to set bridge Adjacent teeth are kept in implant treatment
Procedure of implant treatment
Diagnosis Set implant into jaw bone Set crown on implant
Artificial root is established as the most secure therapy and it has the greatest evaluation in the world. Implant technology achieves a remarkable improvement and we are becoming to be able to apply implant even if you have a little alveolar bone.

You can eat and bite by implant as if it is your own teeth and we do not need bridge and denture. It is the biggest advantage that implant do not tax remaining teeth strength and they are protected. Please feel free to consult us.
Would you like to ear by your own teeth for lifeH
~No polish and no extraction treatment~
In 20 century therapy, if we had painful teeth, dentists polished the teeth and we could bite and eat. By bridge and denture, we could bite even when we lost teeth. However, we could not prolong teethfs life.
Today, in 21 century, the preventive therapy without polish and extraction was established based on dentistry which achieved scientific progress.
Would you like to get that grace and enjoy your healthy daily life with your own teethH
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