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We are trying to correct them.
We also accept the offer of “House visit.” If patients are unable to visit our clinic themselves, doctor and dental hygienist go to where patients live to treat or clean their mouth with dedicated machines. Patients can receive our treatment with relaxed.
 Your oral health and entire body health
We always eat tasty meals, talk with family and friends and express the feeling with smile. These are why health of teeth and mouth is very important.
Unfortunately, people physically challenged are unable to care their mouth enough so their moth tend to be unsanitary condition.
Elderly people who need long-term care especially easily get their mouth bad condition and this cause aspiration pneumonia. Regular dental checking up and treatment are needed.
Bad oral condition also bring out loss of appetite.
Keeping oral condition in good, you will get entire body health not only mouth.
If you are unable to go dental clinic, do not give up. We accept your offer and support your QOL; quality of life with our house visit.
Oral care(Preventive therapy of aspiration pneumonia and infectious disease )
Treatment for decayed tooth and prevention
Treatment for periodontal disease and prevention
Preparation, repair and making dentures
 <Consultation time>
10:00-13:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. It takes about from 30minutes to 1hour. Appointments are preferable.
 <Cost for treatment>
Various insurances coverage
 <Sphere of our activity>
We can visit within 16km from our clinic; 16km is about 10miles.
TEL. (0942) 81-5410      FAX. (0942) 81-5411
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