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Tuesday and Sundays and Public holidays
However, if there are national holidays other than Tuesday, we will treat you on Tuesday.
☆Thursday 9:30~13:30
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Our measure for COVIT19.
At our hospital, all staff are careful not to get COVIT19. We are working on measures against COVIT19 so that patients can go to the hospital. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Please check our ”COVIT19/Infection control” for details.
Vice-director Dr. Yamaguchi have certificated as a ITI Section Japan certified specialist for implantology
Director Ichimaru has also been acquired, and now we have two implant specialists in our hospital. Yamaguchi has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a specialist, and will continue to strive to provide higher levels of treatment to many patients. If you have any question about implant and oral problems, Please contact us.
We have strengthened measures to prevent nosocomial infections of the new coronavirus. We also considered the dental treatment that should be performed at this time.
Please check our blog for details.
We are thorough in hospital infection control for COVID19.
We are thoroughly taking measures against the COVID19 so that everyone can receive dental treatment at our hospital with peace of mind. At our hospital, we have taken thorough measures against nosocomial infections based on the principle of standard precautions. For example, in order to block the contact infection route, we sterilize and disinfect patients and instruments for each procedure. In addition, we strive to prevent airborne and droplet infections, which are the infection routes of the COVIT19.
Please check our blog for details.
We added microscope and airflow
We have introduced a third microscope in our hospital. We are able to give ultra-precision treatment for more patients. We have introduced NSK airflow. Airflow doesn’t damage your teeth and allows you to quickly remove biofilm in areas that cannot be reached with a brush. NSK airflow can use hot water, so we think that people with hyperesthesia will have less stains on their teeth.
We introduced TRIOS
TRIOS is the latest device that can scan the oral cavity in 3D. The silicone tooth molding is prone to vomiting reflex, which is a heavy burden on the patient but TRIOS is less discomfort and it has become possible to perform molding speedily.
Director Ichimaru became a clinical professor at Nagasaki University.
Director Eiji Ichimaru took office as a clinical professor at Faculty of Dentistry, Nagasaki University in April 2019.We were evaluated by the academic, clinical and educational achivements we have built up. I would like to continue to contribute to the development of research, education, and clinical practice in Nagasaki University and we will continue to improve our hospital.
Introduced orthodontic treatment using a mouthpiece
If you have worries about a row of teeth, please consult us. Use a mouthpiece-type orthodontic appliance to move the teeth to the proper position. Unlike conventional wire braces, it is less noticeable and can be removed, making it easy to clean your teeth. At our hospital, it is even more secure because it is corrected after firmly controlling dental caries and periodontal diseases. ※Source: Invisalign
Certified as a clinical training facility by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
We have been certified as a clinical training facility by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and received a certificate. It means that the training program for doctors who conduct clinical training at our hospital and our facilities have been recognized as having sufficient ability as a medical institution to train clinical residents. There are two clinical training instructors. We desire to train dentists who will contribute to society in the future.
In addition, the university has fully evaluated the achievements of our hospital, and we were able to receive such a certificate. We are a cooperative dental clinical training facility of Nagasaki University Hospital. Why don't you join our program?
Dr. Ichimaru have certificated as a ITI Section Japan certified specialist for implantology
Dr. Ichimaru have certificated as a ITI Section Japan certified specialist for implantology ITI stands for The International Team for Implantology and is the most large academic society of the international implant science in the world. As a specialist based on the acquired knowledge, he will continue to provide scientifically-based treatment for the oral health of each patient. We will continue to study further. Please contact us if you have any dental problems.
“Sterilization, disinfection and Infection control” is perfect in Ichimaru Dental Office KURANOUE.
It is very important to find causes of disease and prevent it early.
You can get back oral beauty and mastication function by dental implants.
Our policy, “eat by your own teeth,” is coming true because we can treat the most of periodontal diseases.
About implants
Differences of Implants from the others
Character of our Implants
High quality operating room and equipment for Implant surgery
Long term success of implants
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Infection control
Periodontal disease causes losing teeth
Relation with systematic disease
Patients with periodontal disease have no subjective symptom
Our periodontal treatment  i-Perio
Steps (basic case)
Periodantal surgeries (Flap operation, regeneration and periodontal plastic surgery)
Charactors of i-Perio
Our goal is ”Eat by your own teeth for life”
Plaque control (i-PC)
High rated treatment for serious periodontal disease
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