Because of automatic translation, the expression is sometimes not accurate now.@@
We are trying to correct them.
@Our dental clinic is European style
Our clinic is good to who think these.
I hope to work as gdental hygienisth more and moreI
I hope to learn preventive and periodontics from a basic levelI
I hope to get patientsf smileI

Every staffs works 40 hours in a week and we set 5-day workweek system. Sundays, public holidays and a weekday are day-off. A weekly day off is decided by shifts.
On Saturday, we work 5 hours and we hold seminar on every Thursday afternoon. This seminar is held in working hours.
Each staff have summer holidays and New Yearfs holiday.

We support staffs who want to get the license certified by Japan Society of Periodontology. You will get the credits easier because out director is specialist certified by Japan Society of Periodontology. It will contribute to this society and yourself that you improve your technique and knowledge.
This is why we value the surroundings which staffs think they want to make themselves great.
We staffs have smooth relations, for example, some staffs set drinking party and other staffs go to somewhere individually.

Every staffs work altogether to protect and improve patientsf oral health.
Would you like to reskill yourself with great situation and training system?
We welcome your visiting. Please feel free to contact us.
@Messages from staffs
@Kiwako Ogawa Dental hygienist
Ichimaru Dental Office KURANOUE had set up practice in 2000 and I joined in 2002.

We have been focused on preventive treatment since the beginning because geat by your own teeth for lifeh is our policy.
In our clinic, we spend 1 hour treating patientsf teeth carefully. We give from basic periodontal treatment to maintenance along treatment plan after examination and diagnosis. There are many affairs of dental hygienists in that process.

I always get a feeling that a lot of dental hygienists work like assistant despite status as dental hygienist was established.
That is a waste.

We always get new information and treat based on evidences, so dental hygienists are expected knowledge and skills.

Of course, new employees cannot handle difficult case. You start with dental check-up and assistant of treatment.
You will be able to take dental hygienistfs role increasingly.
We often attend academic meeting and make presentation there. Because of interaction with other medical institutions or hospital, they broaden our horizons.

I can feel that patientsf oral condition get well when Ifm working. This is the best thing for me. Here is worthwhile.
Ifm waiting for someone who can practice with usI
Miho Takahashi Dental hygienist
I joined soon after graduation, it is 4 years ago. In the years, I can build a relationship of trust with patients, in addition, my abilities are developed. These are broaden my mind.
When I was a new comer, my hands were full with a treatment. It was why I could not communicate with patients and I was so worried about it.
However, patients made me what I am today. They talked to me gently.

Here are many special treatment and high quality maintenance which you get only here. In addition, there are a large number of jobs which only dental hygienists can do, so I work proudly everyday. I have a great deal to learn yet.

In Ichimaru Dental Office KURANOUE, we focus on preventive treatments. This treatments need dental hygienistsf leverage.
Because of it, I work hard more and more. I want as many patient as possible to come our clinic.
Here is the great place to work for new comers. Why do not you work with usH
Machiko Teshima Dental hygienist
Ifm Machiko Teshima, and I joined 6 years ago.
In this 6 years, I have taken maternity leave and childcare leave twice. There are a few dental practitioners which give even childcare leave usually, but Ichimaru Dental Office KURANOUE kinds to career women and support to return to work after delivery.

At first, I hoped to quit after I had second child because I worried about reconciliation of childcare and my career and I thought patients and staffs feel unwelcome if I absent for my children. But the director said gYou do not need to be concerned about them. Those always happen when women become mothers. We can help each other.h This is why I return to work.

In the future, I want to support next generation. Ichimatu Dental Office KURANOUE has an understanding about childcare.
I also hope you to work together here.
Chiharu Uchida Dental hygienist
Hello, everyone. Ifm Chiharu Uchida, dental hygienist. I joined in 3 years ago. I was puzzled at first because there were many things to learn. As Ifm able to get them, however, I work with delight everyday. Staffs are very kind and they always help me.
I find my work, dental hygienist, with rewarding. I study and cultivate my skills to get closer to my seniors.
Ifm waiting for you!!
@Recruitment information
Working hours
Weekdays 9:30`13:30 (Lunch break: 90minutes) 15:00`19:45
Saturday 8:30`13:30
40 hours working in a week@@Two days off every week
Example: weekly schedule of a dental hygienist whose day off is Wednesday
Day off and holidays
Sundays, public holidays and a day off in every week on shift
E\183.000(new graduate)`per month
EWefll consider according to your experience
EBonus:2 months base salary
EBenefits: \3.000/M for dental hygienist certified by Japan Society of Periodontology
EClinic will pay participation fee and traffic expenses for external seminar. In addition, you also get compensation day.
Please feel free to contact usI
Come to view our clinicI
We have clean surroundings and all instrument is sterilized. The air in treatment rooms is kept clean with extra oral vacuum.
Here is also safe for staffs because of disposable gloves and masks.
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