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“Sterilization, disinfection and nosocomial infection control” are some of the strength of our office.
Dental treatment from the comfort of polished and fillings tend to neglect these.

However, there will be bleeding during dental treatment. For example, sharpening the teeth will cause gums and nerves to bleed. During surgical treatments such as periodontitis and implant operation, it will also.

Dental care can happen with inadequate sterilization, however beware of getting infected by germs from previous patient.
Next patient could possibly be infected from hepatitis and AIDS.

Our clinic conducts through sterilization and disinfection process to avoid nosocomial infection.
Sterilization, disinfection and nosocomial infection control
Storage of equipment in the sterile level
Storage of equipment in the disinfection level
Infection control in the treatments
Splash and dust infection prevention
Air infection control
Sterilization, disinfection and nosocomial infection control
The process of equipment sterilization
At first, separating discarded equipment from reused.
Reuse things will be dipped in chemical liquid, washed, floated, dried and autoclave and kept in sterile level.
Equipment can be not put in autoclave will dipped in chemical liquid.
After that, they are floated, dried and kept in disinfection level.
Disinfection and sterilization in specious sterilizing room
Placement: classified used things from clean thing
Washing stains such as blood in large ultrasonic cleaner, and drying.
After we pack equipment in sterile bags,
they will be put in autoclave.
Six units(incruding two express autoclaves)
are full operated.
Equipment will be sterilized in fume hood. After that, it will be washed and dried.
We prevent chemical solution gas from flowing out.
Not to mixed with used equipment, we will classify clean things here.
Doctors polish teeth by turbine so it gets dirty with patients’ blood.
Turbines will be cleaned in two express autoclaves.
Keeping in sterile level
Instruments used in surgical treatments such as extract and implnat are kept in sterile level with each treatment set. 

Supplementing instruments are packed individualy.
Apparatus for refilling the individually packed and kept in sterile level.
Keeping in in disinfection level
Instruments used in generals are kept in disinfection level.
We pick them with clean tweezers, so other instrument will not get dirty.
Infection control in treatments
We have enough space not to be infected.
1 or 2 sinks are in each room and faucets are foot pedal style.
We use paper towels not towels and use new globes the in every patient.
A set of basic instruments
We ready a set of basic instruments which used in all treatment.
It has two trays, vacuum chip, air syringes, tweezers; two straight and two curved, mirror and two probes.
The instruments are sterilized in every time.
A set of basic instruments on treatment table
In addition to the set, we ready disposable cup and aepron in evety patient.
Private stands for each patient
We put clean bars on private stand when we polish teeth.
Reamer・File Private stand
Private stand Root canal filling set
We also sterilize reamers, files and root canal filling sets which used in root canal treatments.
Handling of liquid medicine
We do not put tweezers or brushes into bottles.
We dispense for every treatment and dump the rest.
No cross infection Resin
We also ready filling materials in every patient and dump the rest.
Splashes and dust infection prevention
We have outside oral cavity vacuum in each room.
You will not suck dusts from other people’s treatment because of private rooms.

Operators use goggles to protect their eyes.
It is important to prevent operators from infection to prevent patients from that.
Air infection control
Outside oral cavity vacuum prevents you from powder dust infection.
Bacteria Blood Powder dusts
Powerful suction
Bacteria and power dusts are thrown up in air. It means you may suck the other patient’s teeth dusts; droplet infection.

We use powerful outside oral cavity vacuum to protect you from that infection.

We promise safety and clean treatments.
Sterilizing and disinfecting get instruments deterioration quickly.
We should ready many kinds of medicine or equipment.
In addition, we became to need staffs for sterilizing.

It takes a high cost, but we perform the system as above.
Our policy is “Never nosocomial infection.”
It is because we would like to provide safety and peaceful dental treatments.
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